2013/9/17 Morten Brekkevold <>
On Mon, 16 Sep 2013 08:28:30 -0300 Bruno Galindro da Costa <> wrote:

> John-Magne has suggested something like this component:
>> - I.e. a hierarchical
>> (Location/Room), searchable dropdown.
> Good. If we use this component to filter the room id search by location, my
> problem will certainly be resolved.
> Anyone are working with it now?

Not at this very moment, no.

We are working towards a NAV 4.0 release in December, where we hope to
include a series of design changes to increase uniformity of the web
interface. This feature would fit well in the scope of these changes.

You should file a bug report for this wishlist item, then I will assign
it to one of the guys working on the interface redesign.

Morten Brekkevold

Bruno Galindro da Costa